Managed IT Services

Centralize Management of IT

Unify your organization’s approach to technology. A complete approach to technology includes proactive services, understanding people, and a superpowered helpdesk. We will: Identify and define current IT problems. Consider multiple perspectives. Review them through the lens of organizational goals. Provide recommendations accordingly. Evaluate recommendations from a budget-based timeline. Implement the recommendations according to timeline.

Vendor Liaison

Behind every helpdesk ticket is experience with another vendor. We have experience navigating support teams at: Microsoft, Dell, SonicWALL, HP, Amazon, EMC, Adobe, Google, SalesForce, Cisco, Niche, industry-specific software, any ISP in the USA.

Eliminate frustrating multi-vendor scenarios, triage software vendor issues to Whizkids, rely on engineers + people you know, consolidate technical issues into 1 ticket.


The components might look familiar. How it's delivered makes all the difference.

Help Desk

Proactive Services


Backup Disaster Recovery


Vendor Liaison

Comprehensive Documentation

Business Reviews

Chief Technology Ally, Big Picture Strategy

Align organizational goals with tech. Benefit from meaningful QBRs. Think future, with a tech budget roadmap. Judge our team on a company scorecard.


You're going to enjoy this partnership.

Our Managed IT offering puts your business in the driver's seat. With Whizkids on your side, you only pay for the components of technology that you actually need.