Centralize Management of IT

Background of the Cloud

Unify your organization’s approach to technology. A complete approach to technology includes proactive services, understanding people, and a superpowered helpdesk. We will: Identify and define current IT problems. Consider multiple perspectives. Review them through the lens of organizational goals. Provide recommendations accordingly. Evaluate recommendations from a budget-based timeline. Implement the recommendations according to timeline.

When it comes to the management of your IT infrastructure, traditionally, the business is responsible for managing all the hardware and software the organization uses. With this structure, businesses utilize their own servers at their location (on-premise) and are solely responsible for adding, changing, or removing resources as needed. If your organization’s infrastructure is more traditional, it’s likely that either your organization uses legacy core applications or older technology that cannot be easily migrated to the cloud, or you have not considered the benefits associated with cloud solutions.

Cloud technology services are basically any service that can be offered via the internet. The cloud offers a more simple and cost-effective way to manage your IT infrastructure. Instead of having servers at your facility, you can use the internet to access applications and data stored in our cloud, which is fully managed by Whizkids.

Whizkids Cloud Services

Understanding The Cloud

Have you ever considered moving your business to the cloud — or wondered what the "cloud" even is? A lot of companies offer cloud consulting services, but not many tell you exactly what that means. Whizkids is here to help you understand the cloud and how it will help your business.

Whizkids Cloud Services

The Benefits of Cloud Services

Our cloud solutions offer the following benefits:

Scalability: Add, remove, or change employee resources (files, folders, data, applications) in a matter of minutes.

Reduced IT Costs: Reduce or eliminate costs associated with system upgrades, new hardware, security, IT staff, and ongoing user maintenance.

Continuity: Gain greater protection and business continuity in the event there is a natural disaster, power failure, network failure, or any other crisis. Data stored in Whizkids Cloud is backed up and protected in a multi-zone, secured facility.

Collaboration: Improve communication, collaboration, productivity, and sharing. Whizkids' Cloud is efficient and secure to accommodate your business needs.

Flexibility: Whizkids' Cloud helps employees become more flexible in their work practices, providing them with the ability to quickly access services, applications, tools, and data from their business office, home office, or on the road.

Greater Security: Adhere to industry-specific security protocols and compliance standards to safeguard your business's data. Whizkids implements baseline protections such as authentications, authorizations, access control, encryption, and tightened access to sensitive information.

Centralize Management of IT

Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds

With Whizkids’ cloud solutions, you can simplify your in-house IT infrastructure, eliminate traditional IT barriers, free up space on servers, and remove network room clutter. We will work with you to determine if a public or private data center would work best based with your organization’s structure and business needs.

There are three different types of cloud networks:

Public: The public cloud makes resources available through the internet. With the public cloud, you can benefit from unlimited scalability (go from 30 to 300 employees quickly) and a huge network of servers which protect you against failures. This option is best for enterprise businesses who scale frequently, or who mostly use web-based applications.

Private: The private cloud makes resources available through the internet as well, however you will benefit from a dedicated environment that is not shared publicly with other organizations, and the ability to customize your cloud environment to fit your business needs. Private cloud is best for businesses with high-security needs (such as sensitive financial or client data), and for cost-conscious businesses who do not have a need for unlimited scalability.

Hybrid: Depending on your structure, you may also benefit from a hybrid solution, which is a combination of private and public cloud.

Whizkids Cloud Services

How Do I Know if Cloud Services Are Right for My Business?

Many businesses can easily start using cloud services for their data. Though your main concern may be data security, working from the cloud is actually more secure than on-site servers, especially when you partner with Whizkids.

Utilizing the cloud to deliver service management solutions offers value to businesses in many industries, including:

AEC: Cloud solutions for architecture, engineering, and construction firms enable efficiencies when it comes to mobility, security, and managing large files.

Healthcare: Cloud managed services allow healthcare workers to stay connected to patients outside the office and make it easier to take care of administrative tasks, such as making referrals.

Finance: Cloud solutions for the finance industry will take care of essential tasks while improving communication with clients.

Education: Cloud services offer access to the latest technology, which is necessary for schools to provide the best experience for students. Teachers can send assignments, administer quizzes, and students can find everything they need for classes on their devices.

Centralize Management of IT

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If you interested in cloud services but are not sure where to start, Whizkids can help you understand your options and implement the cloud solutions that would best benefit your business.

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