Customized IT Services

Innovative and Personalized Solutions
for all Your IT Services Needs

No matter what industry you work in, your company likely relies on technology every day to provide service to your clients. At Whizkids, we offer unique and personalized solutions for all of your IT service needs.

Customized IT Services

IT Solutions for Businesses

We provide a variety of services to help businesses succeed with technology. Our range of services includes:

Managed IT Services: Many businesses don't have the luxury of a full-time team dedicated to IT management. That's why Whizkids offers managed IT services. As your IT management company, we'll be your day-to-day technical support (help desk), infrastructure monitoring and management team, cybersecurity front line, documentation masters, and your software vendor liaison.

Collaboration Tools: It's likely that your business uses a variety of channels for communication including phone calls, emails, instant messages, video conferences and so on. The Whizkids unified communication (UCaaS) solution aims to connect all of these channels effectively to boost performance and efficiency. Whether you want to improve internal team communication or external communication with clients, Whizkids can help.

Cybersecurity Solutions: As the technology you use advances, so does the need for your company to protect your computers, data and programs from unauthorized access and cyberattacks. Whizkids provides comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to keep your data safe and create a disaster recovery plan in the event of an attack.

Cloud Services: Your company has a lot of data to keep track of. Instead of hosting all of your applications and resources on servers you have on your company premises, why not turn to the cloud? Whizkids provides a wide range of cloud solutions including web-based email services, online data storage, backup solutions, and virtual desktops. We help you make the most of the cloud.

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When you're working with Whizkids, you're in good hands. We are friendly, experienced, and love getting to the heart of technology issues that are challenging and time-consuming. We offer a wide range of IT and security services, cloud solutions, and collaboration tools and we have a unique structure that ensures you are only paying for the technology services you need.

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