Lumberjack - Real Time Network Security

Real-time data monitoring to prevent security threats.

Ensure Network Security by Monitoring Important Data and Resources

How can we keep our data safe?

Keep your data safe with near real-time network security, and analysis of system event logs where data is stored. Be informed on who is doing what, when, from where, and what business resource is being accessed.

Can we track what privileged users are doing?

Track changes made by privileged users and detect suspicious events such as unauthorized logons, failures, and access attempts during specific hours.

How can we improve file server security?

Monitor data on your file servers, tracking modifications, shared files and folders, successful read and writes, file and folder creation, deletion, and modifications.

Many workers are now remote. Can we monitor VPN activity?

Monitor the number of active VPN sessions, the duration of each session, and the status of each individual user's VPN connection. Leverage VPN alerts when something is amiss.

Now more than ever before, it's imperative to secure your remote workforce.

Remote working is increasing around the world, making it harder than ever to track activity. With Lumberjack, you can monitor and track important resources in your network.

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Monitor data continuously, in real-time.

Real-time network security lets you detect and stop security threats and manage organizational data access.


Log and data analysis

Collect and analyze logs in your environment to spot threats.



Monitor VPN activity

Track active sessions, duration of sessions, and connection status.



Monitor Privileged Users

Track logon activity, logon failures, administrative actions, and audit trails.



Track Files and Folders

Detect unauthorized changes to critical files to avoid adverse consequences.

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