Legal Cloud Services

Today's legal professionals are asking themselves a unique and pressing set of questions when it comes to technology: Is someone targeting our firm for a cyberattack? Is our data safe and secure? How do we better support remote work and move to a hybrid work environment?

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Technology Solutions for Law Firms


  • Prevent and mitigate cyberattacks.
  • Ensure confidential data is not compromised.
  • Downsize traditional office footprints and move hybrid.
  • Move premise IT environments to the cloud.
  • Ensure systems are online and available around the clock.
  • Ensure proper backup strategies are in place.
  • Allow access to data from anywhere, on multiple different devices — securely.
  • Operate multi-component environments (document management, case management, Microsoft and adobe products) in a secure and seamless fashion.

Streamline. Revamp. Protect. Transform Your Firm with Legal Cloud Services.

Building a solid technology foundation takes time, planning, an accurate blueprint, and the right team. It begins with a simple conversation about how we can advance your organization's cloud and cybersecurity goals. Contact us today to learn more about our legal cloud services.

About Whizkids

Whizkids is a technology solutions and services company established in 2009. We specialize in cloud technologies, cybersecurity, IT services, and consulting services. The markets we work in include but are not limited to: legal, healthcare, AEC, education, financial services, and manufacturing. We support all of the solutions we offer, from initial design to full service management.

Our goal is to positively and tangibly impact our clients’ businesses through the technology solutions and services we deliver and support.

Whizkids legal cloud services provide our clients with:

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On-demand Support

U.S. based, remote tech support and on-site deployment

 Everywhere Cloud

Cloud-based solutions for all your devices in real-time

Relentless Security

Custom cybersecurity stacks to protect all your confidential data

World-class Service

One-to-one sales, service, training and guidance