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Building a solid technology foundation takes time, planning, an accurate blueprint, the right materials and experienced craftsmen. We also know it all begins with a simple conversation about where your pain lies and how our tech solutions will help. Contact us today to set up your free demo and technology assessment.

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Whizkids started as a group of tech-savvy individuals with a passion for solving IT problems. We're now an mature technology service provider that's dedicated to providing high quality, managed IT and cybersecurity services, infrastructure management, and cloud solutions to our valued clients. You'll enjoy your partnership with Whizkids because our team works together to anticipate your needs, get to the heart of every issue, and set up your technology in a way that will advance your business.

Whizkids Tech services provides our architecture, engineering and construction clients with:

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On-demand Support

U.S. based, remote tech support and on-site deployment

 Everywhere Cloud

Cloud-based solutions for all your devices in real-time

Relentless Security

Custom cybersecurity stacks to protect all your confidential data

World-class Service

One-to-one sales, service, training and guidance

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