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The way your business is structured can be complicated. Organizations of today have unique needs when it comes to technology. Whizkids has worked hard to put the customer first in determining how technology services should be purchased. What your business needs is not always going to match what MSPs and MSSPs offer. That's why we provide options. Our packages are simple to understand, easy to purchase, and setup is a breeze.

At Whizkids, you can mix and match our solution options in a way that best fits your organizational needs. Many businesses will need an all-in-one solution that includes help desk support, core infrastructure management, backup and disaster recovery solutions, and security. Other organizations that only use online software applications and do not have servers might only need help desk support. Rest assured that however you mix and match your services with Whizkids, you're in good hands.

Managed IT Options

Help Desk Support

Whizkids help desk is a solution that provides you with technology related support. We offer three levels of help desk support which means you can determine which option fits with your business and stop paying for services you don’t need. Learn more about our help desk offering or contact us today!

Help Desk Support OptionsStarterPlusPro
Unlimited Remote Support (7am - 5pm M-F)XXX
Operating Systems Supported - (Windows & Mac)XXX
Application Support (Adobe, Microsoft, Browsers, QuickBooks)XXX
Desktop Network Support (LAN connectivity)XXX
New employee On-boarding Documents/TrainingXXX
Online Ticket Management and Billing PortalXXX
Workstation Hardware UpgradesXX
SaaS Business Application SupportXX
Printer Support (USB and Network)ADD-ONXX
Unlimited Onsite SupportX
Mobile Device ManagementX
Infrastructure Upgrades and InstallationsX
Software Upgrades and InstallationsX
Workstation InstallationX
Unlimited After-Hours SupportX
Whizkid On-Site for one day per monthX

Managed IT Options

Core Infrastructure

Core infrastructure is made up of the essential technological components that your business depends on to operate. The level of assistance needed to support your core infrastructure depends on how your business and team is structured. Whizkids will help determine which level is best for your business and implement accordingly.

Core Infrastructure OptionsStarterPlusPro
24x7x365 Monitoring and AlertingXXX
8x5 Response to Monitoring AlertsXXX
Office 365 Support (Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams)XXX
Switch SupportXXX
Router/Firewall SupportXXX
Wireless Network SupportXXX
IT Documentation (Passwords, Vendors, Network Visio, On/Off-boarding)XXX
Asset and Inventory Tracking with ReportingXXX
Annual Technology ReviewXXX
Server SupportXX
Line of Premise Business Application SupportXX
Bi-Annual Technology ReviewXX
Bandwidth Monitoring and AlertingXX
Office 365 BackupADD-ONADD-ONX
24x7x365 Response to Monitoring Alerts (Critical Infrastructure)X
Monthly Executive ReportsX

Managed IT Options

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup and disaster recovery (BDR) is a combination of data backup and disaster response solutions that work together to prevent your business from threats related to data and information loss. Whizkids works with you to determine the level of BDR that is best for your business.

Backup and Disaster Recovery OptionsStarterPlusPro
24x7x365 Monitoring and AlertingXXX
8x5 Response to Monitoring AlertsXXX
Whizkids Office 365 Backup – (500GB of Data Storage Included)XXX
Quarterly Human Backup TestingXX
Whizkids Provided BDR ApplianceXX
Customizable Retention Policies for Local and Cloud BackupsXX
Whizkids Core Infrastructure Backup – (1TB of Cloud Storage Included)XX
Quarterly Mock BDR TestX
24x7x365 Response to Monitoring AlertsX
File Recovery (After Malware)X
Infrastructure Recovery (Servers, Virtual Machines)X

Managed IT Options


Whizkids will help you identify risks and determine the security measures that are right for your business. We offer everything from basic level security measures, additional resources and training, or a full SOC (security operations center). Learn more about our security offering or contact us today!

Security OptionsStarterPlusPro
Antivirus, Antimalware, DNS Filtering, Firewall, Intrusion Protection, PatchingXXX
Dark Web Monitoring, Executive Training, Password Management, Phishing Tests, Training WebinarsXX
Whizkids SOC (Security Operations Center): Intrusion Detection, DDOS Protection, SQL Injection Protection, Service Health Monitoring, 24/7 Threat Monitoring, Incident Management, Threat Hunting, Incident Response Assistance, Vulnerability Scanning, Threat Risk Index, Security Posture Review, and PCI, HIPPA, NIST, SOC2, GDPR ComplianceX

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