Managed Endpoint Detection and Response Services

Continuous and comprehensive endpoint visibility to identify, detect, and prevent advanced threats.

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What are Managed Endpoint Detection and Response Services?

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response Services (EDR) comprise an endpoint security solution that combines continuous, real-time monitoring and the collection of endpoint data analytics. EDR aids in investigation of the lifecycle of a threat—what happened, how it got in, where it went, what it's doing now, what to do about it—and uses these insights to strengthen security against future attacks and reduce dwell time for potential infections.

Cyber-Criminals are Growing More Sophisticated and Attacks are Increasingly Difficult to Detect

Why do I need EDR?

Attackers may access your infrastructure and remain undetected for months by using techniques that look like routine behavior. This significantly increases your risk of a costly data breach. EDR is a window into the day-to-day functions of an endpoint and detects this type of behavior. When something happens outside the norm, admins are alerted, presented with data, and given a number of response options.

Isn't antivirus enough?

Prior to the advent of Managed Endpoint Detection and Response Services, businesses relied on traditional AV solutions. Signature-based AV solutions work by finding sequences and patterns that already exist, and don't have the resources to deal with the sophisticated tactics and techniques seen today.

What sets EDR apart from traditional, signature-based antivirus?

Behavior-based next-gen security like EDR uses AI and deep learning to find attributes and behaviors that might indicate malicious intent. Next-gen detection performs continual real-time analysis to determine whether behavior is closer to known good or known bad applications—then it learns from it and creates a new rule or decision tree for the future.

Are you concerned confidential information is at risk?

EDR monitors endpoint activity continuously to protect your organization's trade information and intellectual property. EDR is the best way to detect, investigate, and respond to advanced attacks that can compromise trade secrets, PII, PHI, and financial information.



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Stop an active attack in its tracks.

Whizkids EDR allows our SOC to uncover suspicious activity early and fight off cyber-attacks. It provides our SOC full visibility to the techniques and procedures being used, while providing comprehensive search capabilities for specific indicators of compromise (IoCs), MITRE ATT&CK techniques, and other artifacts used to discover early-stage attacks.

Uncover suspicious activity early > >

Whizkids EDR Benefits

Monitor your network to uncover suspicious activity early and fight off cyber-attacks.


Cross End Point Correlation Technology

Extend EDR visibilty beyond a single endpoint and detect attacks involving multiple endpoints in hybrid infrastructures.



Continous, Ever-Present Monitoring

Detect fileless attacks, ransomware, and other zero-day advanced threats in realtime.



Contain the Threat at the Endpoint

Nearly every threat is on an endpoint or it's headed there. Contain a threat at the endpoint and eliminate spread.


Reduce Organizational Risk

Continuous analysis of end points and behavior to help mitigate user, network, and oS risks.

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