Email Security Services
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Self-learning, AI-driven email security that continuously detects and remediates advanced threats.

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Email security services protect against the greatest cybersecurity threat we face today.

Around 15 billion spam emails traverse the internet daily, roughly 90% of data breaches begin with phishing, and according to the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, phishing attacks may increase by as much as 400% year to year.

Attackers introduce billions of new phishing emails every day.  

Are you struggling with too many phishing and spam emails in staff inboxes?

Traditional solutions send emails through a basic spam and antivirus filter. Our next-gen email security services use the power of artificial intelligence, crowd sourcing, and Whizkids' security analysts to detect and remediate advanced threats before and after delivery.

Does your organization rely on a manual process to report phishing emails? 

Many companies rely on users reporting email incidents to another person: either internal or to a managed service provider. Meanwhile, the threat sits active in the inbox and most likely in many more company inboxes. Whizkids email security services eliminate this manual process by embedding a reporting function within your email platform.

Has your organization suffered financially due to an email attack?

Email attacks can result in financial loss, intellectual property, damage to reputation, and disruption of operational activities. Whizkids Email Security fights phishing where it can hurt you most: in your inbox.

Does your organization lack email security training for staff? 

Well informed staff adds an additional layer of protection against email attacks. With Whizkids Email Security, as users report emails, a profile is built for each user to ensure that training is customized to the user's level of technical expertise.

Phishing attacks are growing and legacy technologies can't keep up with the volume and types of email threats today.

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Not all email security is created equal.

Harness the power of artificial intelligence and collaborative threat hunting to detect and instantly remove threats with Whizkids Email Security.


Prevent Fraud and Fight Attacks

Prevent CEO and invoice fraud, supply chain attacks, and Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks. Fight malware, ransomware, credential theft, and zero-day attacks.



Remediate Phishing through Crowdsourcing

Use real-time threat intelligence through anonymous global security collaboration to hunt phishing threats.



Rely on the power of AI

Benefit from AI-powered     incident suggestions to support rapid decision making, investigation, and response at Whizkids SOC.


Check Every Mailbox for Anamolies

Prevent email spoofing, impersonation, and other email attacks in real-time, in every inbox.

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