Education Cloud Services

Academic institutions across the country have quickly entered the forefront of some of technologies most pressing questions: how can we keep students, families, and educators connected across buildings, campuses, and home school options? Can we improve students access to resources? How can we do this while still reducing costs and increasing scalability?

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Cloud Solutions for Education


  • Offer better remote tools to facilitate remote and hybrid learning options
  • Reduce costs and increase scalability with desktop as a service
  • Keep students, educators, and families better connected with greater access to resources
  • Connect school administration more closely with educators
  • Deploy affordable licensing and hardware strategies
  • Deploy hardware and software systems across multiple locations
  • Improve efficiency of faculty across multiple locations


Integrate managed technology into academic life. Utilize technology so students have a better, more enjoyable academic experience and greater success whether at home or in the classroom. Contact us today to set up your free demo and technology assessment.

About Whizkids

Whizkids is a technology solutions and services company established in 2009. We specialize in cloud technologies, cybersecurity, IT services, and consulting services. We provide IT services for varied markets, including AEC, legal, healthcare, and education cloud services. We support all of the solutions we offer, from initial design to full service management.

Our goal is to positively and tangibly impact our clients’ businesses through the technology solutions and services we deliver and support.

Whizkids Tech's education cloud services include:

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On-demand Support

U.S. based, remote tech support and on-site deployment

 Everywhere Cloud

Cloud-based solutions for all your devices in real-time

Relentless Security

Custom cybersecurity stacks to protect all your confidential data

World-class Service

One-to-one sales, service, training and guidance