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Address Your Organization's Technology Challenges with DRaaS Services

Are we prepared in the event of a natural disaster?

DRaaS services provide a critical bridge for your business to resume operations in the event of an unexpected natural disaster.

How can we eliminate downtime in the event of a disaster?


Eliminate downtime by having a proper DRaaS solution in place, to avoid costly downtime when you least expect it.

Our current staff aren't equipped to manage DRaaS in our environment.

Managing a DRaaS solution requires the right tools and expertise. Outsource management of your DRaaS so your existing team can focus on what they do best.

Outside of a natural disaster, why else would we need DRaaS?

Many things can cause costly downtime: power outages, hardware failures, software errors, network failures, and security-related attacks to name a few.

As your business moves to a multi-cloud strategy, make sure disaster recovery is a part of the plan.

No organization is immune from disaster. Whether your organization is an SMB or an enterprise, losing critical data can cause great damage. And it doesn't matter the cause — human error, ransomware, or natural disaster — the results can be devastating.

Make decisions about your organization's DRaaS needs based on:

Recovery Point Objective (RPO): What is the maximum amount of time that you are willing to lose data on your systems?

Recovery Time Objective (RTO): How fast do you need to go from the moment of disaster to resuming normal operations?

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Quick recovery is vital to avoid financial and reputational damage to your business.

And with remote and hybrid working, DRaaS services are needed more than ever. With many workplace devices now outside the office, vulnerability to malware and ransomware has increased on a daily basis.


Expertly Managed

Outsource to experts who can design your plan and manage failover and failback for you.


Cost Effective and Scalable

Utilize the cloud to store critical systems, data, and apps.


Avoid Complex Orchestration

Outsource disaster recovery to avoid bogging down your team with complex and manual backup processes.


Protect Your

End user laptops in home offices are more susceptible to harm. Cover these end points with DRaaS.

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