Detective - User Entity Behavior Analytics

Leverage user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) to swiftly detect users and entities that might compromise your entire system.

UEBA (User and Entity Behavior Analytics)

What is UEBA?

UAEB is a type of cybersecurity that uses machine algorithms to learn and establish expected or "normal" patterns of use. Then it detects any anomalous behavior or instances of deviations.

What can UEBA tell us?


UEBA knows when there is a deviation from an established pattern, so it can inform you of a potential, real threat. It can aggregate data into reports and logs for analysis.

What is UEBA tracking?

UEBA is not tracking security events or monitoring devices — rather it's tracking all the users and entities in your system. UEBA tracks people who are already in your systems.

How does UEBA know what's normal and what's not?

UEBA learns sophisticated patterns of what a person's normal digital behavior is while they interact with your organization's systems. Replicating a person's digital behaviors and patterns would be a difficult feat to accomplish.

Prevention is no longer enough. Detection is equally as important.

Long gone are the days that security can be measured by the presence or absence of a firewall. Statistics show that hackers and attackers will get into your system at some point. Why not prepare for it? Detecting their presence quickly will minimize the damage.

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UEBA solutions grow more effective the more experience they gain.

UEBA is a crucial component of your organization's cybersecurity strategy, allowing you to:


Detect insider threats

Detect activities such as new or unusual system accesses, times, file accesses, or modifications.


Detect compromised accounts

Detect activities such as unusual software running, multiple instances of software on a host, or numerous logon failures on a host.


Detect brute-force attacks

Detect hackers and brute-force attacks. Block access to these entities.


Detect permission changes and super users

Detect when super users are created or if accounts re granted unnecessary permissions.

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