Desktop as a Service

Deliver desktops from the cloud to any user, on any device, at any location.

Address Your Organization's Technology Challenges
with Desktop as a Service

How can we offer fully remote or hybrid work options to staff?

Offer staff fully remote or hybrid work locations without experiencing a loss in productivity or time wasted on technology.

How can we better support our growing, mobile workforce?

Easily meet the needs of your flexible workforce with desktop as a service designed for a superior experience no matter where, when, or on what device staff need access.

Can we offer remote access to resource-intensive business applications?

Eliminate traditional processes for accessing resource-intensive applications. Goodbye VPN. With desktop as service deliver a near-native experience to resource-intensive applications from anywhere in the world.

What if we can't afford the in-house team of engineers required?

Leveraging modern cloud technologies requires costly expertise and continued training. Not having the right team can stop you in your tracks. With desktop as a service you can eliminate the need for an in-house engineering team and rely on Whizkids engineers instead.

Many staff have a preferred device to work on. Can we more easily support all these?

Maintain a rich user experience on all the devices your employees want to use — Windows, Mac, thin client, zero client —with desktop as a service, employees can easily use their preferred devices all in the same environment.

How can we improve security at our organization?

Desktop as a service offers a secure environment with data and applications residing in the cloud rather than on vulnerable devices at the office, home, or in the field. Deploy a consistent set of security policies across all devices, regardless of operating system or hardware.

Seamlessly and continuously provide desktop access to 5 people, or 5,000.

Cloud is always on. You don't have to worry about services at your office going down and halting business operations. Quickly roll out new desktops anywhere, on any device.

Tablet floating in mid-air

Everything you need to offer simple, secure remote access.

Get rid of clunky, multi-step processes. Eliminate the excess, and streamline access to business applications in a secure and agile cloud.


Remote and Hybrid Work

Adapt to the ever-changing needs of your workforce by offering flexible work location.


Encrypted Access with Two-Factor Authentication

Maintain security on devices with two-factor authentication.


Bring Your Own Device

Bring your Mac. Your Windows machine. Your thin client or your zero client. Employees can use the device they prefer.


Access from a Client or a Web Browser

Offer access on any device via multiple channels.

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