Cybersecurity services for any sized business

70% of cyber attacks target small to medium-size businesses. [Source: National Cybersecurity Alliance]. Is your business protected? Whizkids delivers cybersecurity services to keep your organization ahead of evolving threats.

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    The data behind your risk

    The average cost of a ransomware attack: $1.85 million

    Over 75% of targeted cyberattacks start with an email.

    1 in 10 small businesses suffer a cyberattack each year.

    A cyberattack happens every 44 seconds.

    Source: Norton

    Industry-Leading Detection

    Whizkids offers detection of advanced threats including fileless attacks, ransomware, and other zero-day threats in real time. Our threat detection engine consistently outranks the others in independent, third-party security testing for the ability to prevent compromise of endpoints.

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    Comprehensive and Customizable

    All our clients benefit from our cybersecurity foundations package. From there we spend the time and resources to align your security package with your organization's compliance needs, various employee workflows, and organizational goals and vision.

    Continuously Innovating

    At Whizkids we invest significant resources into research, development, and analysis of core technologies and strategic alliances, to ensure that the cybersecurity services we provide our clients are the industry's best.

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    Proven Network Security Solutions

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    Whizkids Security Operations Center (SOC) secures the most critical areas of risk for your organization — endpoints and cloud workloads, identity, and data — to stop breaches. We provide monitoring, detection and response, as well as ongoing risk management to protect and strengthen your security position.

    Industry Average Email Security Response Time: 33 Minutes

    Whizkids Average Email Security Response Time: 13 Seconds

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    Cybersecurity Services

    In a world where organizations face unpredictable and unprecedented risk, Whizkids cybersecurity services offer:

    Endpoint Detection and Response: Uncover suspicious activity early and fight off cyber-attacks with next-gen, behavior-based security.

    Email Security: Continuously detect and remediate advanced threats with self-learning, AI-driven email security.

    Identity as a Service: Protect identity and secure authorization and access controls for applications across your business.

    Real-time Security Monitoring: Secure your workforce by monitoring important data and resources in your network.

    User and Entity Behavior Analytics:  Swiftly detect users and entities that might compromise your organization by using machine learning to detect anomalous behavior.

    Security Assessment Process

    Our process begins with a simple conversation to determine if a verbal assessment or a technical assessment is the best next step.

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    In a verbal assessment you can expect a conversation with questions from a security analyst that will help our team better assess the needs of your organization. A verbal assessment is best for someone who is unsure if they need cybersecurity or someone who is not comfortable with having a technical assessment done yet.

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    A technical assessment is more in-depth and conducted by a cybersecurity expert. A device is placed on-premise to collect data. Reports and analysis from the findings will be presented to you, with recommendations. This option is best for organizations who have possibly suffered a breach or an attack, or want to understand their current security posture.

    Don't become the next target. Protect your business.