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Cloud infrastructure solutions built for small to midsize businesses

Why Move Your Infrastructure to Whizkids Cloud?

Whizkids cloud infrastructure has all the components your business needs to enable cloud services. We will handle the network monitoring, upgrades, security, and disaster recovery plan. We offer a private, dedicated infrastructure that makes it the best solution for SMBs (small to midsize businesses). Our solution presents many benefits including cost savings, built-in security, and customization. The way we deliver our cloud infrastructure is less complex and less expensive; and the cost savings are passed on to you! 

Get rid of on-premise hardware, freeing up space and eliminating network room clutter. 

Quickly add, change, or remove compute resources in a matter of minutes. 

Increase reliability and improve backup recovery posture for your important files and data. 

Consolidate IT resources and lower operating costs; no staff is needed to manage on-premise hardware. 


Add, remove, or change a user's access to data, programs, and compute resources (memory, speed, and power) or spin up new workstations in a matter of minutes.


Data in Whizkids cloud is protected by authentications, access control, and encryption. 

Cost Effective

Whizkids takes on all the costs associated with system upgrades, hardware repairs and replacements, ongoing user maintenance, and security.


Get the right level of protection in the event there is a network failure or natural disaster.


Whizkids handles the updates to your operating systems and software. No need to worry about outdated hardware, all you need is internet connection. 


Whizkids cloud infrastructure is the best solution for cost-conscious businesses.


A centralized and secure location that complies with the strict regulations of your industry. Secure communication is assured with our technology solutions.

Custom Solutions

Each project we undertake is a custom, purpose-built project designed specifically with your business needs in mind.

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