A cloud desktop built for small to midsize businesses

Why Move Desktops to the Cloud?

Whizkids Workspace has a unique delivery model that sets us apart and makes us the best solution for SMBs (small to midsize businesses). Our cloud desktops are cost-effective, secure, mobile, web-based, and extremely end-user friendly. 


Instead of each device depending on its own computing power and resources, let them depend on private cloud infrastructure that is built to deliver the power you need


Supply your teams with unmatched power and speed so they can successfully and efficiently collaborate, share or download large files, and seriously reduce latency. 


Remove headaches associated with accessing files and programs. Whizkids Workspace is accessible from any web browser, on any device, and does not require a VPN! 

Whizkids Workspace

Benefits For Your Teams

FLEXIBILITYEquip your teams with FLEXIBILITY to work anywhere on any device

POWERSupply your staff with unmatched POWER and SPEED

TOOLSEmpower managers with TOOLS to track productivity 

SCALABILITYUnleash organizational SCALABILITY without overpaying for resources

COST SAVINGSFuel EXPENSE REDUCTION by downsizing your office footprint

Whizkids Workspace

Benefits For Your Company

COST-EFFECTIVE | Downsize your office and save on real estate expenses. Employees can effortlessly transition from office to home. 

INSIGHTFUL | Empower managers with access to tools such as employee monitoring, employee productivity, and insider threat detection. 

SCALABLE | Enable managers with the ability to change employee resources (files, folders, data, applications) in a matter of minutes.

RESOURCEFUL | Reduce overhead as you will no longer need in-house expertise to manage your software, hardware, and licensing.  

The Benefits of Whizkids Workspace

Centralized Desktop Management

Let's talk about how Whizkids Workspace can help your business. Cloud desktops are delivered to you via the internet. They are stored in the cloud as opposed to being stored on the individual device. All you will need to benefit from these services is a device (computer, tablet, or smartphone) and access to the internet! 

With traditional desktops, each device is managed separately and seen as a separate entity. You purchase compute power for each device, install security and applications on each device, and manage a VPN on each device. Whizkids Workspace simplifies desktop management and security by centralizing the delivery of these services. Desktops can be deployed in bulk, while security and compute resources can be duplicated across many devices. 

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