DaaS (desktop-as-a-service) offers many benefits to mobile and remote workforces. You can improve accessibility, reduce capital expenditures, lower operating costs, and enhance security.

However, not all DaaS products are necessarily the same. DaaS means different things to different companies and providers. Ask yourself two main questions to determine which DaaS provider to partner with: 1) what are your technology needs; and 2) which pricing model fits your organization best?

Technology Needs

Look at how you use technology today to determine what you need from DaaS.

Virtual Desktops

Do you currently use desktop applications, or only browser-based (SaaS) applications? If you use SaaS applications, you may only need virtual desktops for your environment. Virtual desktops simply provide a desktop and a web browser.

Application Streaming

If you need desktop applications, you need more than a virtual desktop. You will need an application streaming component to the desktop infrastructure as well. Many businesses fit into this category because their business applications are not SaaS-based.

Often times, “workspaces” being sold online are only a virtual desktop. While there are benefits to this, such as elimination of heavy laptops and patches, they are perfect only for the SaaS-based companies. Users will not have access to applications. Whizkids Workspace can be delivered in both ways, as only a virtual desktop, or with access to applications as well. This is not the case for every DaaS product you see online.


Pricing Models

DaaS cuts down on resources and utilizes resources more efficiently, resulting in cost savings. However, whether or not it actually saves you money depends on how the provider has decided to set up their cloud infrastructure and sell their services.

Rigid Pricing

Some providers have more rigid pricing models, selling CPU and RAM quoted down to the bare bones. They will charge you per user when more of these resources are needed. This pricing model may work for companies who know their resource needs very precisely, and those needs rarely, if ever, fluctuate.

Flexible Pricing

If you need flexibility, a more elastic pricing model offered with Whizkids Workspace is better suited. With Whizkids Workspace, compute resources are provided and balanced as users need (or don’t need) them. You won’t see incremental, user-based, overage charges. This type of pricing model is a good fit for growing companies that want to avoid large and unexpected billing changes.


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