Know Your Cybersecurity Threats: Spear Phishing

OCTOBER 18, 2022

Understanding and awareness around cyber threats is crucial to your organization’s cybersecurity defense. Take a closer look at one type of phishing, called spear phishing. This type of phishing is...


Common Cybersecurity Myths

OCTOBER 13, 2022

  In the ever evolving threat landscape we live in, cybersecurity preparedness is paramount for businesses everywhere. How do you stay ahead of things?  First – by knowing what’s real...


Your Complete Guide to Cybersecurity Awareness Month - Whizkids Blog Banner Image

Your Complete Guide to Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2022: Dates, Themes, and Tips for Staying Safe

OCTOBER 11, 2022

October is here, and with it comes the spookiest time of the year. No, we won’t be discussing witches, gremlins, or ghouls. Today we turn our attention to one of...