If you are a client of ours, it is important to report suspicious emails to us. If you’ve received a suspicious email, chances are that someone else in your organization has as well. By reporting the suspicious email you are helping protect your organization. Whizkids has the ability to scan across the organization and remove the email from other inboxes as well.


Reporting a suspicious email can be done when you open an email either in your Outlook application or in a web browser. It can be performed on workstations and mobile devices. Depending on how your outlook is set up or which device you are on, the button may be located in a slightly different spot. If you are in Outlook on your computer or in a web browser you may see the REPORT PHISHING button directly available in your mail ribbon or available icons:

If you do not see it, locate the ellipses at the end of your mail ribbon and click it. You should see an option for REPORT PHISHING accompanied by the Whizkids logo:


If you are on a mobile device, you can access the REPORT PHISHING option when directly within an email by clicking the ellipses button. Ensure you are selecting the ellipses button directly within the email — not at the top (see image below):




Once located, click the REPORT PHISHING Button. When clicked, the Report Phishing dialogue box will appear. Choose SELECT A REASON and select the applicable option. Note: If you select the “Other” option, ensure to type in a comment explaining the reason.



Click the REPORT button.



You will receive on-screen confirmation of your submission:



Once a determination has been made, you will receive an email response from our security team:





Can I forward suspicious-looking emails in to the security team if I am unable to use the report phishing button?

Yes, when unable to use the report phishing button, please forward suspicious emails to support@whizkids.tech. However, please use the report phishing button when available as this allows us organization-wide ability to investigate and remediate a threat if it is one.

What does a suspicious email look like?

Read our post here on how to recognize suspicious emails.