Today’s workforce requires more agility than ever before: we are working any time, any place, and at any location – remote or in the field, crossing time zones and borders – and traditional desktop solutions can’t scale to meet these dynamic needs. As a result, organizations face complex challenges. You may be faced with workforce access issues, complicated multi-session environments, inconsistent performance, heightened security needs, aging internal infrastructure, complicated capacity planning, and large upfront capital expenditures to upgrade.

Managing these challenges can be an uphill climb. But they don’t have to be. Instead of operating your own infrastructure, simply deploy Whizkids Workspace, a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution for small to midsize businesses. With Whizkids Workspace you can:

Improve Access

Workspace allows team members to work from their desktops anywhere, with any device— laptop, tablet, and even smartphone. Workspace is easily and reliably accessed through a familiar web browser or via a desktop application.

Increase Productivity

With Workspace, you can deploy a desktop for each user with consistent performance across all sessions. Team members will benefit from increased uptime, and when coupled with the ability to work from anywhere, hours lost throughout the day will be reduced and redirected back into work effort.

Eliminate Many Security Risks

With Workspace you can reduce the footprint on local workstations or devices. You can enable a consistent set of security controls on Workspace desktops. This significantly shifts the security burden away from individual devices.

Reduce Capital Expenditure

Workspace eliminates the traditional expense cycle of budgeting for desktop hardware, servers, licensing, and any other associated costs such as heating and cooling. Costs with Workspace are more predictable, and simplify budget planning and forecasting.


The future of work is here, and with Whizkids Workspace, your organization is ready to deliver desktops to any user, anywhere.


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