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Hi there! We are Whizkids, a managed IT and cloud technology company based in Minneapolis, MN, offering multiple solutions that are just right for your business.

When you work with us for your IT needs, you can trust that your organization is in good hands.

Who We Are

The IT Partner You'll Enjoy Working With

Whizkids started as a group of tech-savvy individuals with a passion for solving IT problems. We are now an established technology service provider that is dedicated to providing high quality managed IT and cybersecurity services, infrastructure management, and cloud solutions to our customers. You will enjoy your partnership with Whizkids because our team works together to anticipate your needs, get to the heart of every issue, and set up your technology in a way that will advance your business.

What We Do

Our Focus

We understand that many small to medium-sized businesses do not have internal IT staff. Whizkids bridges the gap by providing managed IT services, allowing companies to have this valuable protection without using their own resources.

Whizkids offers many solutions that will bring your IT and security to the next level, including:

Managed IT Services: We provide comprehensive IT management that addresses your current issues while aligning with your company's goals.

Managed Security Services: We help you protect your valuable data and remain compliant by identifying security risks and implementing the best solutions.

Cloud Solutions: We deliver and support many advantageous services through the cloud, supported in our secure environment.

Collaboration Tools: We offer and support collaboration tools such as phones, voice, and video conferencing tools, and software.

Help Desk: We will work to resolve any issues with components such as your workstation and network to get you back on track.

Partnering with Whizkids for technology will ensure you receive everything you need and nothing that you don't. Whether we partner up for just one service or many, we'll make sure that our work aligns with your goals.

How We Do It

Values at the Core of All We Do

At Whizkids, our values are more than just business ideals. They are the guidelines for how we do business with you every day, and they keep us on track with our mission to efficiently solve IT issues while putting a smile on our customer's faces. Our values are:

Stick with it and make it happen: We are dedicated to exceeding your expectations, no matter what.

Connect with people and put others first: We see our customers as people with real needs, fostering a genuine connection with every customer for a valuable partnership.

Be respectful and genuine: Our team will be kind and sincere every time you work with us.

Own your challenges, facing them eye to eye: WhizKids will not back down from a challenge. We will tackle every issue, working until it's resolved.

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