Balance your organization's technology ecosystem

Flexibility and security. Work from home and office life. More freedom   stronger shield. These things don't have to be in opposition of each other: enable industry-leading, next-generation solutions to find the balance for a modern workforce.

Why is Whizkids different?

With business technology, there is a lot you can consider tablestakes: every provider should offer great support, decrease the amount of time you spend worrying about technology, offer strategies for cost savings, and tailor solutions to your needs.

Where Whizkids differs is our ability to see a vision for your organization where the needs of a modern workforce are balanced and future-focused.

Cybersecurity isn't a product. It's a state of being.

In many ways, the condition and quality of cybersecurity at your organization is alive and changing. Help your business proactively combat modern cyber attacks. Benefit from industry-leading solutions and next-generation protection.

What's at stake: the compelling realities of cybersecurity

The shift to remote work and subsequent shift to the cloud has opened up new vectors of vulnerability within company security postures. With the changing landscape of security infrastructure, attackers have become increasingly more sophisticated, orchestrating precise social engineering attacks that compromise organizations and their vendors.

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On average, remote work-related breaches cost organizations $1 million more than those where remote work was not a factor. Read about 8 types of cybersecurity attacks to prepare for. >

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About 150 billion spam emails are sent every day. Most spam is irritating, but some spam is dangerous to handle. Read about our tips on identifying phishing emails. >


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Business Email Compromise (BEC)  accounts for 35% of all cybercrime losses. BEC is a targeted attack to defraud the company. Watch our video on spear phishing. >

Sources: Ponemon Institute (Published by IBM), Statista, FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center


Enable an agile, lean virutal desktop experience

Deliver a near native Windows desktop experience from the cloud to any user, on any device, from virtually anywhere. No complex licensing or expertise required.

Next-generation cloud solutions help you work, learn, organize, connect, and create

Business lawyers workers meeting at law firm office. Professional executive partners working on finance strategry at the workplace

Desktop as Service (DaaS) for Law Firms

Now more than ever, an agile desktop experience for law firms is critical to a competitive advantage and a flexible workforce. Learn more about DaaS.

Smiling young female pediatrician give high five to little african American boy at consultation in clinic, happy woman doctor consult biracial toddler kid in hospital. Children healthcare concept

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) for Healthcare Organizations

Enable workspace transformation for healthcare. Become agile and adaptable to the shifts of the industry. Learn more about DaaS.

Serious pensive thoughtful focused young casual entrepreneur small business owner accountant bookkeeper in office looking at and working with laptop and income tax return papers and documents

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) for CPA and Accounting Firms

Mitigate cybersecurity risks and ensure compliance with a desktop environment that enables remote work. Learn more about DaaS.

Top view of group of engineering team is meeting, planning const

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

Deliver real-world performance for heavy data and graphics users and project teams. Learn more about DaaS.

Unleash the power of identity

Identity can create great user experiences, improve employee productivity, and make collaboration seamless. Connect and protect your employees, contractors, and workforce across the globe with identity-powered security.

Shot of a group of businesspeople sitting together in a meeting

Empower your business with an identity-first security solution built for the modern workforce

Streamline access across your organization for employees and contractors to work easily and safely from any device and any place. Are you ready to put identity first?