Cloud Solutions Purpose Built for SMBs

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Whizkids provides unique and affordable solutions.

Whizkids is a cloud and technology solutions provider. We provide cloud desktopscloud infrastructuremanaged IT, and managed security to SMBs (small and midsize businesses) across the country. We are proud of our success, which is a direct result of our industry-leading processes, tools, and hiring procedures. 

  • Our unique, best-in-class cloud solution utilizes cutting-edge technology to replace slow, legacy solutions.
  • Our cloud delivery method eliminates the need for traditional VPN and brings highly coveted BYOD solutions to SMBs, while maintaining security and compliance standards that are required within the industry.
  • The services we offer have historically been out of the question for SMBs due to the cost. Our unique model allows us to provide cloud solutions at a cost that is affordable!

We put our client’s experience with technology at the heart of everything we do.


Are Cloud Services Right for My Business?

Many businesses can easily start using cloud services to increase efficiency and productivity. Though your main concern may be data security, working from the cloud is actually more secure than your on-site servers, especially when you partner with Whizkids.

Utilizing the cloud to deliver service management solutions offers value to businesses in many industries, including:

  • AEC: Cloud solutions for architecture, engineering, and construction firms enable efficiencies when it comes to mobility, security, and managing large files. 
  • Healthcare: Cloud managed services allow healthcare workers to stay connected to patients outside the office and make it easier to take care of administrative tasks, such as making referrals.
  • Education: Cloud services offer access to the latest technology, which is necessary for schools to provide the best experience for students. Teachers can send assignments, administer quizzes, and students can find everything they need for classes on their devices.
  • Finance: Cloud solutions for the finance industry will take care of essential tasks while improving communication with clients.

Created Especially for Small and Midsize Businesses

  • Scalability at a level that makes sense. Don't overpay for scalability you'll never use!
  • Reduced IT Costs as Whizkids manages the maintenance and licensing.
  • Continuity which means protection and redundancy for your most valuable data.
  • Improved Speed when collaborating, sharing data, and downloading large files.
  • Increased Flexibility means accessing your data from any location with any device, no VPN required!
  • Greater Security options when moving your infrastructure or desktop to the cloud.

Let Us Help You With All of Your Cloud Needs